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Evonicfires is an award-winning brand of CK Fires Ltd, situated just outside Stratford-upon-Avon,



The range are British built electric fires and are considered as one of the most technically advanced manufacturers in the world, with optional controllers such as e-touch and a fully integrated APP available to download to your smartphones for ease of use 

You don’t necessarily need to worry about knocking out a wall or performing heavy remodelling just to install your electric fireplace. In most cases, you can plug the device in and leave it up against a wall, which means it’s also great if you live a small home or apartment and still want a fireplace. Installation really is just that simple.

The installation details mostly depends on the fireplace style you select. Some can be left to stand on their own in whatever room you please. Others can be hung on a wall to save you floor space. While others, can be used as part of your entertainment centre.

It’s all up to you. The most complicated thing you usually need to worry about as far as installation is concerned is where to plug it in.

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